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BeerBartender Awards

BeerBartender Awards hall of fame 2014-17

Honorable Mention

Mr. Pavlos Kotsidis

First Lomax-PeterNomikos (Volkan Beers)

Responsible for Volkan beers, with origin of Santorini. The beers are brewed in Argolis, cause the company has not it’s own brewery. Volkan beers have been launched in 2012. Pavlos Kotsidis, started his career in the 80’s at Athenian Brewery. During 90’s he found himself in various companies, responsible for importing new beers in Greece. The portfolio of Deals SA is mostly influenced by his choices even today, as he suggested to invest at Trappist and Belgian beers.

It is crucial for the microbrewery revolution in Greece that consumers changed their flavors by tasting beers he decided to be imported by any company he worked for. Home-brewers and consumers found new flavors in this beers that are top in Greece and many of them are considered as top of the world according to worldwide competitions and well known beer review websites. A pioneer in a lagers world during 90’s and still today.

Mr. Athanasios Syrianos

Mr. Minas Mavrikakis

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Kostas Fragos

Yiannis Sidiropoulos